Bojan Gorjanc on April 30th, 2010

DNA MONTHLY October 2009 Read “Embracing the Immaterial Universe,” by Bruce Lipton and “Revolution in Scientific Consciousness,” by Allen L. Roland Entangled Water: Life, Consciousness, Memory Water is the missing, often overlooked piece of the puzzle. Since water has consciousness and memory, everything we do and feel begins to make more sense. We […]

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Bojan Gorjanc on April 15th, 2009

At the moment I am reading The Science of Yoga: The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali in Sanskrit by I. K. Taimni. It’s not an easy reading, but it is worth the effort because the philosophy of Yoga deals with some of the greatest mysteries of life and the Universe. As Taimni says in the preface, those […]

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Bojan Gorjanc on April 8th, 2009

In almost every area of life, change is occurring faster and faster. Evolution is forever speeding up, and we may be approaching the concept of singularity, when evolution may bring forth a new age – the Wisdom Age. As we emerge from our current Knowledge Age, this new age may bring about a true unity […]

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Bojan Gorjanc on March 13th, 2009

There are moments in the life of each one of us when we touch what the Irish writer, James Joyce, termed an epiphany, so that “the soul of the commonest object … seems to us radiant”. Epiphanies are occasions of benediction when meaning floods as a blessing into our lives and we have a profound […]

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Bojan Gorjanc on March 5th, 2009

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be present at the interesting lecture from Willigis Jäger, a well-known German Benedictine monk and a Zen master. Influenced by both Christian mysticism and Eastern Zen traditions, Jäger represents a modern and transconfessional spirituality, yet he also goes far beyond the traditional concepts of religion. His vision of an […]

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Bojan Gorjanc on March 1st, 2009

According to the book “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” Great Questions can change the direction of our life. They are Great because they open us up to a greater reality, a greater vista and greater options.

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