Bojan Gorjanc on August 23rd, 2010
Ervin Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo

The quantum computer in your head
Is the quantum computer the computer of the future, or is it just science fiction? Whether or not it will be actually produced remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: quantum computers already exist. They are in your head. They are known as your brain.

If Your Brain Is A Quantum Computer, Can It Connect You To The World?
Could it be that the Internet mirrors something about how we really communicate (or could communicate) with each other and with the world? I’d like you to consider the possibility that nature embodies within herself a kind of Internet, and that through our brain we might be able to communicate with it.

Using Your Quantum Brain to Connect to the World
Put simply, the way to enhance your connectivity to the world is to cultivate altered states of consciousness. This means taking time to enter into communion with yourself: meditating, praying, daydreaming, or just relaxing, allowing your mind to empty and your thoughts and ideas to flow freely.

Quantum Brain, Spirituality, and the Mind of God
Physicists seek the one equation that would account for all the laws of nature and explain everything that ever happened in our integrally whole universe. Of this equation Einstein said that knowing it would be reading the mind of God….

Cosmic Symphony — A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness
The rise of quantum consciousness could be the biggest step our species has taken since it came down from the trees. It would bring us to a new stage of species maturity — and could also enable us to surmount the problems that threaten our life and our future.

Design? Yes. Evolution? Yes. Contradiction? No. Then why the Controversy?
The debate among conservative Christians, Muslims, and Jews (the “creationists”) and natural scientists and the science-minded public (the “evolutionists”) centers on biological evolution. But on a deeper look, it concerns the universe in which life has evolved—or in which it was created.

The Dis-ease of the Western Mind
Western civilization—more exactly, the Western mind that creates the civilization—has a serious disease. It’s a “dis-ease” that affects all of us of in the West. And now we can have a better idea of what’s behind it.

The Ervin Laszlo Forum on Science & Spirituality
The mission of The Ervin Laszlo Forum on Science & Spirituality is to produce new thinking and language capable of integrating the age old schism between science and spirituality. The Forum grew out of Dr. Laszlo’s involvement in the Chopra Foundation’s Sages+Scientists Symposium in February, 2010.

Round 2 | The Ervin Laszlo Forum on Science & Spirituality
The second round of our Forum’s discussions offers deep but entirely rational statements of the nature of spirituality, and throws fresh light on the factor that could link spirituality with science: a more evolved consciousness.

Round 3 | The Ervin Laszlo Forum on Science & Spirituality
The third Round of our debates, discussions and consultations on the possible meeting ground of science and spirituality convey a message that’s clear and loud. The meeting ground exists—it’s under our very feet, we just need to open our eyes to see it.

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