Bojan Gorjanc on July 30th, 2010
The Physics of Star Trek

The Physics of Star Trek

‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss
Lawrence Krauss gives a talk on our current picture of the universe, how it will end, and how it could have come from nothing. Krauss is the author of many bestselling books on Physics and Cosmology, including The Physics of Star Trek.

New Model of the Universe Says Past Crystallizes out of the Future | Technology Review
What do you get when the past crystallizes out of the future? According to a new model of the universe that combines relativity and quantum mechanics, the answer is: the present.

Saturn’s Mysterious Hexagon |
This movie from Cassini, made possible only as Saturn’s north pole emerged from winter darkness, shows new details of a jet stream that follows a hexagon-shaped path and has long puzzled scientists. documentary Crop Circles – The Hidden Truth
Richard D. Hall’s documentary tackles the controversial subject of Crop Circles in the most objective way possible. Colin Andrews has endorsed the film. First screened on EMTV Controversial Television Sky 200, featuring David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Roy Dutton. …

Cymatics – The Science of the Future?
Is there a connection between sound, vibrations and physical reality? Do sound and vibrations have the potential to create? In this article we will see what various researchers in this field, which has been given the name of Cymatics, have concluded.

The Conscious Heart | Brainwaving
Rollin McCraty reveals the discovery that neural activity within the heart appears to influence our conscious perception, cognition, and emotional processing, which suggests that the traditional role attributed to the heart as the seat of our deepest emotions may be true after all.

‘Waterworld’ planet six times the size of Earth discovered
A steamy ”waterworld” planet six times bigger than the Earth has been discovered orbiting a small faint star 40 light years away.

Strange Physical Theory Proved After Nearly 40 Years
Physicists have finally created a trio of bound particles that connect at increasingly higher energy levels, a phenomenon long predicted but never before seen.

NASA -Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery
December 23, 2009: The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist. In the Dec. 24th issue of Nature, a team of scientists reveal how NASA’s Voyager spacecraft have solved the mystery.

The Next 5 in 5 | IBM Social Media
Its that time of year here at IBM – when look to the future and make five predictions of technological trends that will change the way we live in the next five years.

Crop Circles : Crossovers From Another Dimension
Crop Circles : Crossovers From Another Dimension is a fascinating documentary made by Norwegian Terje Toftenes, who has 25 years of experience as a video and film maker in Norway, and has won several awards for his productions.

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy
Over many years Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work and findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, have been subjected to careful scientific scrutiny and evaluation, being verified and confirmed in their major aspects.

Substance dualism
Since ancient times, many attempts have been made to account for the relationship between mind and body. This video examines the inherent flaws in the philosophy of substance dualism, along with some of the fallacious reasoning often put forward to support it. …

Time Control Technologies and Methods
Comparison of ten different approaches to controlling time. Each approach is compared based upon its potential for time travel to the future and past, transport of matter or information, and viability based upon present or near states of technology, materials and power needs.

What Keeps Time Moving Forward? Blame It on the Big Bang | Scientific American
A timely Q&A with physicist Sean Carroll about how our one-way trip from past to future is entangled with entropy and the origin of the universe.

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