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DNA MONTHLY October 2009
Read “Embracing the Immaterial Universe,” by Bruce Lipton and “Revolution in Scientific Consciousness,” by Allen L. Roland

Entangled Water: Life, Consciousness, Memory
Water is the missing, often overlooked piece of the puzzle. Since water has consciousness and memory, everything we do and feel begins to make more sense. We are in fact moving bodies of water, able to connect psychically with other bodies of water.

Revolutionary New Discoveries about Water!
Amazing new discoveries about the properties of water could revolutionize our world! Filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda discussed some of the amazing properties of water– it may actually have memory and consciousness, he said.

Vortex Based Mathematics by Marko Rodin
Marko Rodin has discovered the underpinning geometry of the universe, the fabric of time itself. His Vortex-Based Mathematics shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole.

Bruce Lipton – Fractal Geometry
Bruce Lipton – As Above So Below, An Introduction To Fractal Evoloution

Coast to Coast AM – 15 Sep 2009 – Evolution & Mind
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and Steve Bhaerman who co-authored with Lipton their new book Spontaneous Evolution, spoke about ways humanity can evolve by freeing itself of old belief systems and programming.

The Primacy of Consciousness
A beautiful presentation by Peter Russell illustrating that the fundamental nature of reality is consciousness.

Martin Armstrong and market cycle theory | The New Yorker
“The New Yorker” magazine October 12, 2009 issue which includes a brief biography of Armstrong and his “PI” Cycle Theory. Read the full article here.

Hidden World: Cymatics
The work of German photographer Alexander Lauterwasser is presented in the context of Cymatics, the study of vibration and its effects on form-making. A brief history of Cymatic research is presented starting with the sound-figure experiments of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny.

First black hole for light created on Earth | New Scientist
An electromagnetic black hole has been built in a lab – and may one day be adapted to generate limitless solar energy even on a cloudy day.

Scientific evidence for a connection between mind and matter
I have collected lots of scientifically provable evidence showing that our mind, our consciousness is connected to all matter and it can act on it instantaneously. This evidence was presented in K KLUB (28/08/2009 at 18:00), Detva, Slovakia.

Spacecraft Detects Mysterious “Ribbon” at Edge of Solar System | Universe Today
The heliosphere is different from what researchers have previously thought. Data show an unexpected bright band or ribbon of surprisingly high-energy emissions.

Organic Universe, book by Giuliana Conforto |
The visible universe, scientific instruments show us, is just one of infinite levels of reality; it is probably the lowest energy one, less than 5 per cent of the entire calculated mass, and is expanding at accelerating rates.

Could a Black Hole Fit in Your Computer or In Your Pocket? | Universe Today
In just the past week, three different research teams have released their findings in their attempts to create black holes – or at least conditions analogous to them to advance our understanding.

Quantum Physics & Consciousness
Quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami talked about the “science within consciousness,” and how the paradigm is shifting from a materialistic world view into one that incorporates spirituality.

The Quantum Activist | Documentary film & DVD with Dr. Amit Goswami
The new documentary The Quantum Activist tells the story of Dr. Amit Goswami, “a man who challenges us to rethink our very notions of existence and reality.”

Haramein on the Sun
Haramein describes the dynamics of our sun as the result of a singularity black hole structure at its center he calls a “spin horizon.” From the special features of the “Crossing the Event Horizon” DVD set.

The Spooky World Of Quantum Biology | h+ Magazine
The new science of quantum biology is teaching us about how the actual behavior of evolution is governed by disconcertingly spooky processes – time travel being one of them.

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