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Time spiral

Time spiral

Dr. Sergey Smelyakov is a highly respected and brilliant Russian scientist who holds an MA level degree in applied mathematics as well as doctorates in numerical methods and mathematical modelling and cybernetics; his credentials are beyond reproach. Here is how author Adrian Cooper (Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind) addressed Dr. Smelyakov’s work The Auric Time Scale:

Auric Time Scale is an extremely complex mathematical derivation, consisting of many pages of computations. In extremely broad terms The Auric Time Scale is a series based upon the Golden Mean and Phi, ultimately describing cosmic and terrestrial events occurring throughout history; events known as “bifurcation points”, which have the potential to influence the course of mankind.

Dr. Smelyakov has formulated his equation in conjunction with the Mayan long-count calendar, and produced a series of correlations between bifurcation points and bifurcation eras, and major events of the past, that had the potential to influence the direction and therefore the evolution of mankind, up to and including the final evolutionary bifurcation point, fixed, in accordance with this model, to 21 December 2012.

If we examine these correlations closely we see that they may well be true, the main caveat being that the timescales involved are so large in the beginning, we cannot precisely correlate dates with events. In the past, bifurcation points have occurred at very large time intervals, but as we approach the final bifurcation point of 21 December 2012, we become more focused on bifurcation points as opposed to eras.

A bifurcation point should, in accordance with the Auric Time Scale, correspond to a major influential event that can be either terrestrial or cosmic in nature. It is these bifurcation points that will be the “sign posts” we follow pointing to the 2012 end-date. There are no single factors involved in the 2012 scenario.

As ever; the “future” will be determined by the collective consciousness of mankind our therefore our influence over reality at a quantum level. I view all of these events therefore as quantum probabilities; any or all of which come into effect based upon the consciousness of mankind, and which could well mean the difference between a catastrophic or eschatological outcome.

So what does this mean to us as we approach the 2012 end-date?

The nature of the Auric Time Scale is such that as we approach the end-date the interval between bifurcation points becomes progressively smaller. This means that these bifurcation events will occur with increasing frequency, and instead of occurring years apart will start to occur months, then weeks, then days apart, until finally, on 21 December 2012, they will start to occur minutes apart, then seconds apart and finally milliseconds apart until the end of the bifurcation cycle is reached, and the mystery of the next phase of mankind and indeed all life would be revealed.

Again though; I really must stress, in no uncertain terms, that this is simply one of a number of mathematical models pointing to 21 December 2012, a model that I personally believe has substance, but which I do not present as fact to the extent this is the way events will definitely unfold.

Again, and this is crucial to understand, the ultimate outcome can and will be decided by the collective consciousness of Mankind.

So what does this mean experientially?

What will we feel? What will we become?

To answer that we need to look at how we would experience these events in the context of time.

What is time?

To many people “time” is measured by the hands or numbers of a clock, or perhaps the position of the Sun in the sky. These however are simply mechanical and convenient methods of measuring this thing called “time”.

In reality time is experiential, not mechanical. We experience time in accordance with our Mind and our relationship with time at any particular moment. We can experience time as something that seems to take forever, or something that passes in an instant.

For example here is an observation regarding time made by Albert Einstein in the context of his special theory of relativity:

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That is relativity.” – Albert Einstein

According to the Auric Time Scale we are experiencing an implosion of time and therefore of space as the space-time continuum is inter-dependant.

Even now we experience 24 hours as 16 hours although to many it might not yet be apparent. I have heard many people comment however on how “time” seems to be “speeding up”; it really is.

As we approach the final bifurcation marking the transition of mankind, assuming this scenario is the correct one, which is yet to be proven, at the point time implodes we will transition from experiencing “time” to a state of experiencing “non-time”.

This is a very natural state that everyone will experience after a transition to the non-physical worlds at the change known as “death”. The people in the Astral worlds, often known as “the afterlife”, and beyond have no concept of “time” or of “space”.

Let me stress that this final event is nothing to do with “death”, I simply use it as an illustration. At that final bifurcation point everyone would experience the transition to “non-time and space” in a different way. Some would experience their entire life in a moment; some many or even all lives.

Many would know the encumbrance of the physical body, the “clay” that binds us to the physical planet and will wish to be free of it. Many would finally realise the truth of the illusion that they have been living and will wish to leave Earth and travel directly to a “real” existence, beyond the illusion of form, to the 5th density of the Spiritual worlds.

Others, in that moment, will know our Supreme Creator.

The illusion of time and space would be torn away forever along with the facade of egotism, materialism and greed that has dominated, blighted and retarded mankind for so long.

Those choosing to stay would create the “kingdom of Heaven on Earth”, and continue to incarnate on other Earth-like planets in the course of individual evolution.

Above all it would be a great event marking the evolution of mankind to the next level, from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Only the collective consciousness of mankind can truly determine the outcome, and fear would bring about a fearful outcome.

And again, this is the scenario according to the Auric Time Scale. We do not know whether this is accurate or true at this stage. We do know however that as we progress inexorably towards the end-date Auric Time Scale will be tested time and again.

These are great events to be embraced and to look forward to.

There has never, ever been a better time to be a human being on Earth.

(Source: More on the year 2012)

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