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Cosmic anthropoecology is a new science, prognosing and studying the cosmophysical regularities of evolution of protein-nuclear and field forms of living substance and intellect on the planet Earth, developing the global autrophic technologies to provide preservation of the planet, biosphere and human as well as social-ethical future of humankind in the Universe. The detailed studies of cosmic anthropoecology are done at International Scientific Research Institute for Cosmic Anthropoecology (ISRICA), an organization within the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia.

The work at ISRICA is largely based on original research of N. A. Kozyrev, who made extensive investigations into the nature of time. Through his astronomical and mathematical studies, Kozyrev concluded that time is actually a kind of information frequency beam transmitted from stellar cores. Several different streams of thought and research have arisen from Kozyrev’s profound and often controversial work. The ISRICA represents the stream based upon and often utilizing the “Kozyrev mirrors.”

The Kozyrev mirrors are installed in such a way as to create a closed space in which there is a weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth, and which thereby provides more human access to solar and galactic information. Through numerous experiments using the mirrors with this intention, the ISRICA has focused studies in a number of areas, including human psychophysiology, pathology of disease and health, and the evolvement of telepathic fields and remote sensing.

The conclusions the ISRICA scientists have drawn from the experiments with the Kozyrev mirrors are often startling to the Western mind, and can best be understood within the context of the Russian school of thought known as Cosmism. Originally derived from the research of the famous pioneering scientist of the biosphere, V. I. Vernadsky, the grand perspective of Cosmism is stated in the opening paragraph to the book, “Cosmic Consciousness of Humanity: Problems of New Cosmogony” (Kaznacheev and Trofimov, 1992):

“The total world human Intellect in its cosmoplanetary motion is neither derivative from nor some procreation of, the social movement (social cultural historical development). It is the peculiar cosmoplanetary phenomenon in the organization and motion of the Universe Living matter in its earth-adapted manifestation.” (p.6)

“This point of view plants the notions of mind, thought, intellect and science in the cosmic realm as functions of self-existing thinking layers dispersed throughout the universe and which are adapted by temporal conditions to the evolving states of planetary biospheres or planetary/stellar noospheres. However, the nature of modern historical civilization has been to separate society from science and to isolate science as a sociocultural mechanism apart from its genuine reality as cosmoplanetary thought stream. Establishment science regulated by totalitarian legislation becomes merely another belief system, so that new science is denounced as false science, and the “defenders of ‘science’ invisibly dress themselves in an infallible cloak of Belief, not science.” (p.7)

“According to Vernadsky, the “natural science crisis is the main cause of the close doom of humanity and the planet.” This summary reflection of Vernadsky’s forms the basic premise of the research at ISRICA. “As a matter of fact,” write Kaznacheev and Trofimov, ” in the XXth century, Mankind’s world culture and its total intellectual space diverge in the direction of the Necrosphere. The world of the unknown is the only world of our possible salvation.” (p.9)

As a consequence, the research of V. Kaznacheev, utilizing the mirrors in order to engage in cosmoplanetary experimentation, demonstrates that there are shifts in the human intellect at a new horizon, where virtual reality and virtual brain nature – the paranormal activated through aether torsion properties – begin to loosen up, evolving us into a period of new kinds of transpersonal interactions of the human mind. As Kaznacheev himself comments:

“Obviously, it is a great research step, having a possibility of combination of physical methods with psychophysiological human intellect possibilities and its field of aether torsion properties. Maybe this technology is proposed to study biospheric complexes, considered as basic solar units, as the state of the nearest and least removed cosmic space.

“Thus, a new principle of observation in planet information space is proposed. This principle may open unknown properties of the holographic flows of a living substance in combination of this space with the known substance of the inert world, mentioned by V. I. Vernadsky.”

(From a paper, “About Some Observations in the Planet Information Space,” by A.V. Trofimov (ISRICA, 2001))

You can read an interview with Alexander V. Trofimov here.

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